If you are considering Hormone Replacement Therapies it’s imperative you select a medically supervised HRT clinic that puts your health first.

Serious side-effects may result from hormones illegally obtained over the Internet or from a Clinic that does not have onsite doctors supervising initial consultations and medical examinations.

The Regenx Medical Institute offers state-of-the-art facilities coupled with a team of expert doctors. Life coaches and a supporting team of personnel have only one goal: To help you arrest the aging process, SAFELY!

During our initial free consultation and medical exam we cover:

  • Full diagnostics

  • Conduct a complete medical history and lifestyle questionnaire

  • Complete and intensive consultation and exam with a board certified physician and

  • medical staff

  • Consultation with life coach and physician

  • Pursue total lifestyle renewal and age management programs

  • Design and implement of HRT with support of 6 member treatment team

  • Follow up evaluation and consultations


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hormones: endocrine system, organ systems, balance

  • Nutrition: food, supplements

  • Mind and body: exercise, stress, sleep, skin care, genetics

  • Enzymes: probiotics

  • GI: immune system health and overall Function of the body


Our medical team aims to give you the following benefits:

  • More energy

  • Boost sex drive

  • Fight Fatigue

  • Boost Muscle Mass

  • Combat depression and mood swings

  • Deter aging

  • Make you feel young again

  • Decrease body fat

  • Razor sharp focus


Additional benefits of choosing Regenx Medical Institute:

  • We offer a free consultation

  • We offer free airfare to our South Beach clinic for potential patients living outside Florida within continental United States. Please note this is a limited offer so act quickly

  • Our team regularly attends conferences, seminars and events relating to hormone treatment.

  • Our team has extensive experience in hormone strategies. It is our core competency We follow FDA guidelines only administer Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone or HGH after an extensive medical exam by an onsite doctor.

  • Some of our patients report results within 21 days of beginning treatment

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