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Boost your body with Testosterone

Women, just like men, suffer from lower Testosterone levels as they age. We know the affect this can have on your life including weight gain, fatigue, insomnia or disruption of your regular menstrual cycle.

According to the National Institutes of Health, a healthy young woman should produce about 300 microg of testosterone daily.

The ovaries produce half of this and the rest originates from the adrenal glands. Testosterone has many functions, some of which include influencing the various stages of puberty and sexual function.

Other areas are affected too, such as bone density, muscle mass, mood and energy reserves.

Low T or Testosterone deficiency is linked to a number of conditions including:


• Oophorectomy,
• Adrenalectomy
• Adrenal disease
• Pituitary disease,
• HIV infection
• Premature ovarian failure
• Turner’s syndrome, and the use of high-dose corticosteroids and some estrogen preparations

However, it is generally accepted that most of the time aging plays a significant role along with Menopause in contributing to the decline of Testosterone.

Testosterone deficiencies and its broader condition Female Androgen Deficiency (FADS) are under constant research by The Regenx Medical Institute and government agencies such as the NIH.

A medically supervised HRT program may be just what you need to fight off fatigue, weight gain and general swelling on parts of your body. A number of women also inquire about using hormones to assist with pregnancy as they age. These questions can only be answered after an extensive medical exam to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Testosterone Hormone Therapies.

Testosterone treatment can offer these benefits:

Decrease in heart attacks
• Lower inflammation
• Lowers cholesterol
• Lowers vascular disease and death
• Decrease in premature coronary artery disease
• Increases cardiac output allowing more air and oxygen intake. This means you can breath like a 20 year old and display greater stamina!
• Deters metabolic syndrome
• Decreases obesity and fat cells
• Improve brain function
• Improves memory
• Alleviates depression

Further, other conditions may be tackled under our physician-monitored program including Insomnia and related sleep issues. Our program helps identify if you have a current hormone imbalance that can be rectified with HRT including key questions as to whether we can use natural hormones (called bioidenticals) to re-establish normal menstrual cycles.

Generally, as a first step we suggest you immediately take our Hormone Test Online that can quickly offer some insight into your immediate hormonal condition.

We are here to help and look forward to helping you regenerate your body with new techniques, tools and research in the area of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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