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The aging process may manifest itself in the form of weight gain (or obesity), muscle loss, hot flashes, wrinkles, balding, lower energy, depression and a lower libido.

Many patients may report a general sense of ‘fogginess’, dry skin, and perhaps a continual state of exhaustion or fatigue. They confirm these symptoms have been present in their bodies for years — maybe even as long as a decade in some cases!

While there are no miracle drugs or cures that can turn back the clocks of time, there are scientific and medical methods that can be used to help you control the aging process.

We call this Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT.

However, not all HRT programs are created equal. Only a medically supervised HRT program based on the personalized needs of each patient should be considered.

The Art of Age Management

At Regenx® Medical Institute we offer this and much more. Each patient receives a personalized regime that’s based on a patient’s unique needs. It’s an extensive, in-depth program that combines the power of HRT medicine with a customized approach to evaluating and treating the human body.

Our goal is to offer you a sustainable path to fighting the ravages of age and restoring your health. Once you complete our HRT program you will feel energized, rejuvenated and experience the benefits of hormone-fueled longevity.

Do you remember what your body felt like at 20?  Our aim is to give you back that feeling. 

Our team will discuss your goals, compile your medical history, conduct physicals, and test your blood before offering a diagnosis. Our Life coaches will work with you to ensure any benefits are sustainable and life-long.

At our Hormone Clinic we will evaluate and treat Menopause (women), Andropause (men), thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue/stress, and other hormone imbalances by the administration of Hormone Replacement Therapy and/or nutritional supplements.

These nutraceuticals may include vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants designed to alter hormone levels in the human body.

We may suggest using biodenticals, or synthesized hormones to bring your body back into balance. The interest in natural approaches to HRT has spurred interested in biodentical hormones which display an identical molecular structure to hormones found in the human body. They are safe and effective when based on individual patient evaluations and blood work.

The ultimate goal of our highly specialized physician-guided HRT program is to raise the levels of hormones until your body is brought back into balance and you experience an improved quality of life.

Some patients report exceptional benefits within 2 months of undertaking our HRT program, including:

  • Less wrinkles on face (75.5%)

  • Less body fat (48%)

  • Thicker head hair (28%)

  • Improved emotional state (71.4%)

  • Increased energy (86.8%)

  • Increase in lean body fat (8.8%) after six months.

  • Improved resistance to stress (83.7%)

  • Better (thicker) skin (34.5%)

  • Significantly decreased Anxiety (calmer) (73.5%)

  • Depression improved or eliminated (82.7%)


Additional benefits may include:

  • Reversal of balding with re-growth of hair

  • Improved cholesterol profile

  • Decreased blood pressure Improved memory

  • Decreased heart disease and arthrosclerosis-Improved sleep


In reality, the benefits far exceed the list provided above. They are dramatic and life changing and may become apparent within 60 days of beginning our hormone-balancing treatment. 

It is important to note that Regenx® Medical Institute only uses FDA approvedproducts and will only administer hormone replacement therapies to those who have actual hormonal deficiencies with the stated goal of bringing the body back into balance.

We do not take any short cuts and neither should you. Your health literally depends on it.

A complete physical and blood panel can only determine deficiencies. We cannot assist those who are looking to enhance body building performance or athletic ability. But, we can help those who seek long-term results in losing weight, gaining muscle, longevity and restoring an active sex life.

This approach separates us from fly-by-night HRT programs that are not medically supervised and are simply designed to administer hormones without fully evaluating and diagnosing each patient before proceeding in HRT.  This is dangerous and unethical.

Once you schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art facility you will begin a high-quality individualized program that’s discrete, safe and life changing. Your initial consultation will include the following:

  • A Detailed Blood Panel

  • Complete Physical

  • Full Medical History Profile


The above will be the basis for administering a successful HRT program that will bring your body and hormones back into balance.

We take your health seriously and want the results to be sustainable and life-long.  You should, too.

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