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Once you begin a relationship with our team of specialists, you will be given a recommendation as to how we can treat any of your age-related symptoms…

These symptoms may include low sex drive, wrinkles, low muscle mass, depression, mood swings and loss of energy.

The forms of treatment we offer include creams, prescription injections, bio identical human growth hormone, and oral sprays. Depending on your age, type of medical history, blood panel and a general life assessment you will be treated with a range of hormones designed to bring your body back into balance.

A 2006 Shores study concluded that Low testosterone levels were associated with increased mortality in male veterans. Thus, hormones may not only help you live better, they may help you live longer.

It is critical you understand the benefits of hormone treatment and how they can help you achieve long-term results in managing the aging process.

Patient report these benefits after undergoing our program:


Memory Benefits

Through the administration of certain hormones, including HGH, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone we can help you repair and improve memory functions. Studies show that damaged brain cells can be rejuvenated and repaired. Hormones, including HGH, stimulate essential proteins needed in order to sustain both short-term and long-term energy.

Skin benefits

Modern American society is obsessed with beauty. Looking younger may affect job prospects, attracting a suitable mate or your self esteem. Skin quality is a major component of looking good and feeling young. Hormone treatment studies conducted by bodies such as the National Institute for Health confirm smoother skin and a reduction in wrinkles. Skin became thicker and more impervious to cuts and abrasions. In many cases, the healing processes went faster. There are even some studies, which suggest that patients with skin burns may recover more quickly when treated with hormones such as HGH.

Improved Sexual Function

Many temporary solutions to a low libido or erectile dysfunction are presented to us in a daily dose over Television, Radio and Print ads. These may include prescriptions, natural products and any number of other “temporary” solutions. However, in many instances a low sex drive may be traced back to lost hormones, which impact sexual arousal and performance. The ability to achieve and maintain an erection may be a direct result of Low Testosterone or low counts of HGH. Lower hormones may influence semen production and fertility in males. In females the propensity to produce lubricants and increase orgasm frequency may be impacted. A medically supervised HRT program can help bring the body back into balance and restore sexual function abilities to the same levels you experienced at the age of 20.

Sleep Benefits

The ability to produce Rapid Eye Movement (REM) through sleep helps influence how rested you feel after waking up. The stressful demands of your job, family life or other environmental factors may be affecting your sleep and contributing towards Insomnia. This can have a detrimental affect on your life.

All of us need sleep in different measures depending on our age, genetics or other factors. Studies suggest that hormone treatment can help stimulate REM, which benefits you both physically and mentally. If you desire to wake up in a rested, energetic state a medically supervised hormone treatment program may be just what the doctor ordered!

Muscle Mass Benefits

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) reported that hormone replacement substantially increased lean body mass and decreased fat mass in both sexes. When combined with testosterone, growth hormone elevated the cardiovascular endurance in older men. However, these benefits were limited to carefully controlled and monitored clinical trials. It concluded that only a medically supervised program customized towards the unique characteristics of each male or female could be successful in promoting muscle mass. The administration of testosterone, estrogen and HGH may be used in differing amounts to aid muscle development, but it will depend on your age, genetics, blood panel work and a number of other factors that are examined during our initial medical exam.

WE age because we lose the concentration, volume and balance of our hormones. Restoration of our hormones is the portal to arresting and reversing the aging process.

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