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Fight back with HRT!

70% of women undergoing menopause will experience hot flashes according to the Harvard Medical School. While this is the most symbolic feature of a female hormone imbalance other symptoms may arise including vaginal dryness, lower sex drive and a general feeling of fatigue.

Hot flashes are distinguished by a quick, warm flushing sensation that is intensified in the in head and trunk regions of the body. Often, this occurs in tandem with sweating and a reddening of the skin, which can escalate into sweating. Women will experience this sensation in differing degrees.

As women age they may also face other challenges relating to the degeneration of the body including vaginal dryness, burning or even osteoporosis. These can occur during or after menopause and may often contribute towards mood swings or a feeling of not being in control.


The above illustrates why Hormone Replacement Therapy has become such a powerful tool in helping correct hormonal imbalance in women. Under a medically guided program HRT, including Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone and HGH may be used to treat these symptomatic conditions after undergoing an extensive medical exam.


However, the use of HRT has attracted some controversy, particular concerns that treatment may contribute to certain forms of cancer if not carefully administered and used under medically supervised program. This concern was elevated around 2001 when the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) published findings that suggested, for instance, that combined Estrogen and Progesterone treatment elevated the risk of heart attack and breast cancer.

Up until 2001, Hormone Treatment has been extremely popular and highly recommended in medical circles. Post-2001, there was a rapid decline in the use or HRT to treat age-related symptoms associated with both Menopause and post-menopause. Thus, naturally many women are reluctant to explore HRT treatment that may positively impact the quality of their life.

However, in the past several years new research indicates that HRT does indeed offer valuable help in combating hormonal imbalances, provided it is done carefully under a doctor-monitored program.

“Despite this history of dashed expectations, it’s too early to close the book on HT,” said the Harvard Medical School.

“In particular, there’s still little evidence that short-term use for symptom relief does any harm. And some experts believe that it may help protect younger women against heart disease.”

The medical community who acknowledge it can be beneficial when treating night sweats, hot flashes and vaginal dryness are thus reappraising hormone Replacement Therapies. Just like men, women may also suffer from Low Testosterone or Low T that plays a role in healthy libido and muscle development. Both these areas decline as we age.

Regenx Medical Institute offers a highly specialized Hormone Therapy program that seeks to correct hormonal defects in the body and improve the quality of your life. If you lack energy, feel constantly fatigued or simply wish to boost your sex drive we may be able to help. You will undergo an extensive medical exam by an accredited onsite doctor, to determine the best path forward using the latest tools in hormone replacement therapies.

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